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[BUG/Improvement?] Large file handling.

From: Eric Dumas
Subject: [BUG/Improvement?] Large file handling.
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 16:07:47 +0200
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I would like to raise an issue with cvs, when handling directories
containing large files. We are using cvs for not only code source,
but for data, intranet, etc. The issue is that when you do work
remotly (US/Europe/East-Europe/Asia, etc) with one server in the US,
a cvs update on a directory containing around 1.5 Gb of data
   1- is taking more than 24h.
   2- Needs a ***huge*** amount of memory on the server (size of
   the data contained in the directory.

Does anybody has any idea how to solve the problem (or is there
currently any project or anybody working in improving the

Thank you.
           Eric Dumas (address@hidden) @Sofia
              Director, Development Center, Bulgaria
          Tel: (Sofia) +359 889.216.732 (US) +1 650.216.2030

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