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Re: a few Q's

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: a few Q's
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 23:16:48 -0700

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Christos Zoulas <address@hidden> writes:

> On Oct 22,  5:36pm, address@hidden ("Mark D. Baushke") wrote:
> -- Subject: Re: a few Q's
> | > 1. When is the next 1.12.x version scheduled for? I would like to
> | > import a 1.12.x flavor in the NetBSD tree and 1.12.1 is quite old.
> | 
> | Derek needs to answer this question.
> | 
> | > 2. I am maintaining cvs for the NetBSD project and I have quite a
> | >    few patches accumulated. Now the patches have gotten quite
> | >    large, so it is a pain for me to maintain them. Last time I
> | >    submitted one of them, I was told that CVS was not actively
> | >    developed, and there were too many bugs in handling symlinks,
> | >    so the patch was not accepted. Is this still the case?
> | 
> | Patches may be sent to address@hidden
> I will do that as soon as I merge things. Do you want one giant patch?


> Or split by functionality?


> | >   2. add -u [unlocked] flag to do a checkout without locking.
> | 
> | I think using -R might do this for you...
> I'll check into that too.

Actually, it works with local, but not yet with client/server. I have an
idea of how to fix it for client/server, but I have not had time to do
anything about it.
> | >   5. make CVS work with krb/gssapi auth
> | 
> | Okay... I am someone biased against auth stuff in the current CVS, but I
> | understand the need. I probably would not be helping to commit this one.
> It is all ifdef'ed properly, so it is not a big deal.

Yeah, but we also want to test it and finding the resources for that can
be 'fun' ... :-)

> | >   6. add -D dirname flag, to specify an alternate directory name for
> | >      cvs to store its administration files.
> | 
> | I am not sure I understand this one.
> Imagine you are working on a case insensive system and you have a
> directory called cvs. You can change -D to make the default directory
> .CVS for example to avoid the conflict.

Hmmm... Derek has been the one playing with case-insensitive filesystems
stuff lately, so he might be interesting in helping get this one into
the tree.

> | 
> | >   7. use asprintf() instead of malloc()/sprintf() pairs.
> | 
> | Yes, I would like to see this one.
> Ok.
> | > Please let me know if you are interested, and I'll send the patches.
> | 
> | If you want to work with top-of-tree and give us patches, it might even
> | be possible to get some of these changes into the tree before 1.12.2 is
> | created.
> That would be wonderful, thanks!

No promises... patches that do not include documentation changes and
some test cases for sanity.sh are harder to get into the tree. Stuff
like the asprintf() should not be a problem as all of the existing tests
would already cover it.

        -- Mark
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