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a few Q's

From: Christos Zoulas
Subject: a few Q's
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 20:23:17 -0400


1. When is the next 1.12.x version scheduled for? I would like to import a
   1.12.x flavor in the NetBSD tree and 1.12.1 is quite old.
2. I am maintaining cvs for the NetBSD project and I have quite a few patches
   accumulated. Now the patches have gotten quite large, so it is a pain for
   me to maintain them. Last time I submitted one of them, I was told that
   CVS was not actively developed, and there were too many bugs in handling
   symlinks, so the patch was not accepted. Is this still the case?

Here's the list of patches:

        1. make client server cvs work when the remote cvs server path
           contains a symlink.
        2. add -u [unlocked] flag to do a checkout without locking.
        3. make CVS work as a setuid [not setgid] process when SETXID_SUPPORT
           is defined.
        4. make CVS work with IPV6
        5. make CVS work with krb/gssapi auth
        6. add -D dirname flag, to specify an alternate directory name for
           cvs to store its administration files.
        7. use asprintf() instead of malloc()/sprintf() pairs.

Please let me know if you are interested, and I'll send the patches.


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