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Re: assertion fault. on loggin

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: Re: assertion fault. on loggin
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 21:48:46 GMT

"Pierre" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
> > Ok.  How does their platform compare to yours?
> They uses AIX 5.1 instead of AIX 4.3

In that case, it's unlikely that the bug, if it exists, has been
reported.  Probably wait until the CVS side has been

> the answer after 5 real seconds :
> still rooted
> Erreur de segmentation(coredump)
> I haved test with a 60 seconds delay : still the same result.

Ok, great.

> return 0; seems to be a good workaround.

Ok.  Here's the latest test, I want to find out if 4 is still
working at the time that 3 is still working.

    /* Must be a pipe or a socket.  What could go wrong? */
    int fn;

    printf("bc is %p\n", bc);
    printf("bc->fp is %p\n", bc->fp);
    fn = fileno (bc->fp);
    printf("fn is %d\n", fn);

    if (fn == 3)
        printf("stat of 4 is %d\n", fstat(4, &s));

    if (fstat ( (fn), &s ) == -1)
        *(char *)0 = '\0';

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