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Re: assertion fault. on loggin

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: Re: assertion fault. on loggin
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 09:28:14 GMT

"Pierre" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
> First : Thank You for the time spend on this issue.

No worries.

> > "why am I the only person experiencing this problem"
> I've been contacted by someone who have the same problem.

Ok.  How does their platform compare to yours?

> > There is a 40% chance
> Well, It's a high % chance for me.


> In a first time, I'll see if we can test cvs with an upgrade of the
> system.
> If we don't find a solution with the OS do you have the time "to
> ensure there is no bug in CVS" ?

I can try.  I am not as familiar with the CVS code as others, but
it is possible that I will get the problem to a situation where
they jump in and say "nope, it doesn't work like that, this is how
it works, and that's where the problem is".

We can only play it by ear.

> If no, we can live with a work arround hoping there won't be side
> effets (of the bug or of the workaround)

Yeah, that's a risk you'll have to wear too.  One of the others
can probably tell you how much risk you are taking on by
what appears to me to be bypassing some cleanup.

BFN.  Paul.

P.S. Here is the next test result I would like to see, whether a
5 second delay is enough to fix the error.  Can you also check
that it does pause about 5 seconds between the printfs as "sleep"
is a non-ISO function.

    /* Must be a pipe or a socket.  What could go wrong? */
    int fn;

    printf("bc is %p\n", bc);
    printf("bc->fp is %p\n", bc->fp);
    fn = fileno (bc->fp);
    printf("fn is %d\n", fn);

    if (fstat ( (fn), &s ) == -1)
        if (fstat(fn, &s) == -1)
            printf("still rooted\n");
            printf("probably race\n");
        *(char *)0 = '\0';

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