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Re: [Axiom-developer] How was axiom's bookvol10.2.pamphlet file generate

From: Grigory Sarnitskiy
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] How was axiom's bookvol10.2.pamphlet file generated?
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 13:35:02 +0400

Thank you!

29.08.2011, 00:19, "daly" <address@hidden>:
> The graph information is kept with each category in chunks
> of the form <<CATEGORYNAME.dotfull>> and <<CATEGORYNAME.dotabb>>
> At the end of the file there are chunks named <<dotfull>> and
> <<dotabb>>. You can extract the dot files with the command
> notangle -Rdotfull bookvol10.2.pamphlet >dotfull
> notangle -Rdotabb bookvol10.2.pamphlet >dotabb
> The notangle function lives in $AXIOM/bin/lib so you
> need to add this to the path. So try:
> export AXIOM=`pwd`/mnt/ubuntu
> export PATH=$AXIOM/bin/lib:$AXIOM/bin:$PATH
> Tim
> On Sun, 2011-08-28 at 16:19 +0400, Grigory Sarnitskiy wrote:
>>  08.08.2011, 00:25, address@hidden:
>>>  The pamphlet file was hand generated. Pamphlet files are the source
>>>  code of the system.All of the pamphlet files are source code and are
>>>  hand generated in latex.
>>>  The system is moving to using pure latex rather than using noweb for the
>>>  pamphlet format. A new latex "chunk" environment was written to support
>>>  this. All of the new latex macros are in the axiom.sty file. Volume 10.2
>>>  (the category structure) is still in noweb format for the moment but this
>>>  will change.
>>>  Axiom's source structure is being moved from the "tree-of-tiny-files"
>>>  structure into a "literate software" structure. The process involves
>>>  rewriting the source code into straight common lisp. Each function is
>>>  rewritten and placed into one of the pamphlets in the books directory.
>>>  This phase takes a while as there are about 1M "things of code" that
>>>  need to be rewritten. Work is currently being done in volume 5 (the
>>>  interpreter) and volume 9 (the compiler).
>>>  The next step is to organize and document the system using these books.
>>>  The ultimate idea is that you will be able to read the system as a
>>>  series of novels, moving from ideas to implementation.
>>>  Volume 10.2 (categories) is the category structure of the system.
>>>  It is currently in alphabetical order but that will change in whatever
>>>  way needed to support the human documentation.
>>>  Tim Daly
>>  And how were graphs generated from this pamphlet? I mean dotfull and 
>> dotabb. The latter is supplied with axiom sources (in 
>> axiom/src/axiom-website), but I want to have dot source for the full name 
>> graph.
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