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[Axiom-developer] How was axiom's bookvol10.2.pamphlet file generated?

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] How was axiom's bookvol10.2.pamphlet file generated?
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2011 15:25:39 -0500

The pamphlet file was hand generated. Pamphlet files are the source
code of the system.All of the pamphlet files are source code and are
hand generated in latex.

The system is moving to using pure latex rather than using noweb for the
pamphlet format. A new latex "chunk" environment was written to support
this. All of the new latex macros are in the axiom.sty file. Volume 10.2
(the category structure) is still in noweb format for the moment but this
will change.

Axiom's source structure is being moved from the "tree-of-tiny-files"
structure into a "literate software" structure. The process involves
rewriting the source code into straight common lisp. Each function is
rewritten and placed into one of the pamphlets in the books directory.
This phase takes a while as there are about 1M "things of code" that
need to be rewritten. Work is currently being done in volume 5 (the
interpreter) and volume 9 (the compiler).

The next step is to organize and document the system using these books.
The ultimate idea is that you will be able to read the system as a
series of novels, moving from ideas to implementation.

Volume 10.2 (categories) is the category structure of the system.
It is currently in alphabetical order but that will change in whatever
way needed to support the human documentation.

Tim Daly

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