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Re: [avrdude-dev] [patch #8967] Change ft2xx library to ftdi_syncbb inst

From: Didrik Madheden
Subject: Re: [avrdude-dev] [patch #8967] Change ft2xx library to ftdi_syncbb instead of libusb
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2016 01:10:24 +0200

On 9 April 2016 at 00:48, Joerg Wunsch <address@hidden> wrote:
> I'm not opposed to that, provided 1) someone (not me!) actually
> implements it, 2) that someone also implements the Posix dlopen()
> counterpart (so all non-Windows platforms would gain the same
> functionality), and 3) that someone tests the entire stuff against at
> least the more important programming adapters.  Certainly, that
> magically someone would not be left alone for the job, however, she'd
> have to be the driving force for implementing and testing it.

I'd be willing to give this a shot as far as 1) goes, and 3) to the
best of my abilities (for programmers I have, or can easily build or
cheaply acquire.) I don't, however, really see the necessity for point
2. Typically, non-Windows platforms have either a compiler available
or a package management system, if not both. Except perhaps OSX, which
is the platform I have the least experience using avrdude on. The
reason this makes sense for Windows is the lack of those things on a
typical user system (compiler and sane package management.)


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