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Re: [avrdude-dev] [patch #8967] Change ft2xx library to ftdi_syncbb inst

From: alexey
Subject: Re: [avrdude-dev] [patch #8967] Change ft2xx library to ftdi_syncbb instead of libusb
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2016 09:51:59 +0300

Здравствуйте, Joerg.

Вы писали 4 апреля 2016 г., 23:59:27:

> Well, from a licensing point of view, it's somewhat questionable
> whether we'd really like to introduce a dependency on a 
> closed-source library in code licensed under GPL.  Such 
> dependencies are always tolerable if the library qualifies 
> as a "system library" (otherwise, you could not use GPL 
> software on a closed-source OS), but ftd2xx would certainly 
> not qualify as such.

This library installs in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 (maybe 7 too) with standard
drivers when I plug ft232rl device. I think for this reason is can be qualified
as a "system library".

> Second, there are a number of platforms AVRDUDE supports 
> where libftd2xx is not available at all (*BSD, Solaris).

> I'd like to see the real benefit of such an implementation 
> before having that in the code.  However, it makes more sense 
> to discuss that on the mailing list rather than in a patch 
> tracker.  In particular, your submission suggests the 
> existing implementation were less stable, so we certainly 
> ought to fix that.  (OK, the signed driver for Windows is 
> accepted as a benefit.)

Libusb is not stable in Windows systems. It is always hangs, don`t closes 
and work very slow. It was main reason to rewrite sources. There is lots of
projects, that have Avrdude 5.10 with ftd2xx supporting patch in the Internet.
But 5.10 is very old version. I would like to use latest version with ftd2xx 

> Finally, some stylistic issues:
> * If at all, the use of ftd2xx must be completely optional,
> so people who cannot or don't want to install it don't lose 
> any functionality.  Replacing the existing ft245r.c 
> implementation is thus not acceptabel.

For now patch replaces existing ft245r.c but if this idea can be live,
it can be realized as option and use ftd2xx instead of libusb only when
it is needed. Like compiling with different versions of libusb and libftdi.

> * If you wrote the file, please add your name in the copyright
> header.

It is not whole mine code. It is compilation of current ft245r.c and
first version of ft245r.c from Avrdude 5.10. Comments in this files stay
without changes.

С уважением,
 Alexey                          mailto:address@hidden


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