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Unsupported grep options

From: Jamboretz, Chris
Subject: Unsupported grep options
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2022 18:21:46 +0000

First let me say thanks for providing this set of tools. Our tools and scripts 
are currently only using gzip and its corresponding zgrep, etc. In trying to 
switch to different compression methods I'm hoping to swap out gzip's zgrep 
with zutil's zgrep and so on. This will allow the existing and legacy scripts 
to continue on as if nothing has changed. These scripts are a huge amount of 
code going back over a decade and used by thousands. Anyway, that's the 

I've found some unsupported command line options and the first three are 
probably the biggest concern:

-P  --perl-regexp

others are

-G  --basic-regexp
-U  --binary
-u  --unix-byte-offsets
-T  --initial-tab

Thank you,

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