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Re: [Zutils-bug] zgrep performance long line

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: Re: [Zutils-bug] zgrep performance long line
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2018 12:53:10 +0200
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Hi Walter,

Walter Anema wrote:
You made a nice package with z utilities.


I have a problem with the performance of a special file. It is a file with 
logging in json format, without a \n.
I need to append an `echo` before `wc` shows up with a count.

 ) | wc
       1 2145643 37786248

I have crafted a similar file, but I have found no differences between zutils' zgrep and gzip's zgrep. Also I did not need to append a newline for wc to show results:

$ zcat messages_nnl.gz | wc
      0 7371268 44149261

$ time zgrep -o connect messages_nnl.gz | wc
    104     104     832

real    0m24.714s
user    0m22.000s
sys     0m2.250s

$ time gzip-1.9/zgrep -o connect messages_nnl.gz | wc
    104     104     832

real    0m24.896s
user    0m22.340s
sys     0m2.250s

What version of grep and wc are you using? Mine are (I have tested in two machines):

GNU grep 2.5
GNU grep 3.1
wc (GNU coreutils) 6.9
wc (GNU coreutils) 8.11

Best regards,

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