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Re: [Zutils-bug] [RFE] Please consider adding support for lbzip2

From: Antonio Diaz Diaz
Subject: Re: [Zutils-bug] [RFE] Please consider adding support for lbzip2
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2013 16:19:41 +0200
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Hello Mikolaj.

Mikolaj Izdebski wrote:
Please consider adding support for lbzip2 in Zutils.

Sure. I have already planned (from long ago) to add support for parallel compressors to zutils. It is simply that I haven't yet found the time to implement it.

3) Necessity for additional configuration.  Zutils works fine after
   replacing bzip2 with lbzip2 (substituting "bzip2" with "lbzip2" in
   decompressor_names[] in zutils.h).  There is no need for any
   additional configuration.

This is easy to do, but too rigid. For example, in my single-processor machine I have no parallel compressors installed (except plzip, but only because I develop it).

I plan a flexible way of choosing decompressors, with a configuration file setting the defaults and command line options for overriding them.

I can prepare a patch if needed.

Thanks for the offering, but I have already some work done borrowing from GNU moe and the moerc file. Now that I feel the pressure I'll try to get it finished ASAP. :-)

Best regards,

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