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[xouweb] annoyances

From: Cameron
Subject: [xouweb] annoyances
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 21:21:33 -0800 (PST)


So I finally have time AND my new system that I ordered back on the 27th
of October arrives today. I spend the rest of the day setting it up,
putting it all together. I get everything installed. I see the connector
to one of the SATA drives is now broken. It still works (because the
metal traces didn't break off, just
the plastic and I slid the traces into the cable), but I should probably
send it back, because, I don't know for how much longer it will continue
to work. This causes problems in terms of having a fully functional
system. It also means I still can't install FreeBSD until this is taken
care of and I'm not quite sure about Linux on this thing yet.

Anyone else feel free to make updates to compile xouvert howto.Sigh. At
least my new system is _really_ fast.My apologies, please bare
with me on this.


PS: No, I can't use the old system anymore.


"Oh what is this test, Knights Who say... Oh Knights who
until recently, said Ni?"

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