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[xouweb] Questions About Xovert for the Home User

From: Lewt @ Warcry News Network
Subject: [xouweb] Questions About Xovert for the Home User
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 23:00:23 -0500
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I'm Corey "Lewt" Touchet of Linux Warcy http://linux.warcry.com I was hoping we could do a mini interview about Xouvert and what it'll mean for the average consumer of Linux. If you could answer some of the questions listed we'd be most appreciative or you can provide your own comments.


Corey "Lewt" Touchet
Site Manager, Linux Warcry
Warcry News Network

1.)  What is Xouvert and what are it's goals?

2.) The average Linux consumer probably does not know about Xouvert and what it means to them. Can you clarify what features will make this a better choice for the home user over other Xwindows products?

3.) Your site lists October 16th as "Release 1" what will this incorporate and are there going to be binaries?

4.) Have you made any inroads to have this included with any distro's such as SuSE or Redhat?

5.) What support if any have you received from the video card industry from companies such as Nvidia or ATI?

Like I said it's gonna be mini.. if you have any more comments you'd like to provide such as any "Cool" things that the public may be interested pertaining to Xouvert feel free to let us know.

Thanks again!

Corey "Lewt" Touchet

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