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Re: [xouweb] Re: think I fixed the website update problem

From: Jonathan Walther
Subject: Re: [xouweb] Re: think I fixed the website update problem
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 10:11:18 -0700
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On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 04:34:25PM +0000, Johann Henriquez L. wrote:
i'm getting this error when i do "tla commit": arch_commit: unable to acquire revision lock (internal error in archive-pfs.c(pfs_lock_revision))
  tree: /home/knightx/xouvert-html
revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-21

i even erase the tree, i download it again... the same error.
my tla version is tla-1.0.6-2 (debian 'Sid' package)

I just fixed the permissions in the archive.  I set up all your
reactor-core login accounts so they have reasonable umasks, but my
account still messes them up because I use it for other things and can't
change the umask.  Tom Lord is going to resolve this soon I hope.  In
the meantime, I just need to run

   find /xouvert -type d | xargs chmod 2770

after every time I commit.  You guys are ok; it works for your accounts
without having to run that command.

Johann, please try committing again?

tla1.1 hasn't been released yet, but if you want to upgrade from
tla1.0.6, by all means, go ahead.  It can't hurt.  It is somewhat nicer
and has fewer spelling errors, more helpful help, that sort of thing.



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