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[xouweb] upload /de and e-mails

From: Johann Henriquez L.
Subject: [xouweb] upload /de and e-mails
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 15:11:23 GMT


my tla version:
tla tla-1.0.6-2 (Debian package)

~/xouvert-html$ cat address@hidden
re-uploaded german stuff
and changed mails in / and /es Keywords:
added a dummy white line in the 3 files in /de
changed in /index and /es/index
the e-mails from address@hidden to
name AT xouvert DOT org
because i get my first spam
~/xouvert-html$ tla commit
address@hidden's password:
* build pristine tree for address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-15
* from import revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--base-0
* patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-1
* patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-2
* patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-3
* patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-4
* patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-5
* patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-6
* patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-7
* patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-8
* patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-9
* patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-10 * patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-11 * patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-12 * patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-13 * patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-14 * patching for revision: address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-15
M  ./de/faq.html
M  ./de/howto.html
M  ./de/index.html
M  ./es/faq.html
M  ./es/howto.html
M  ./es/index.html
M  ./index.html
* update pristine tree (address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-15 => html--mainline--1.0--patch-16) * commited address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0--patch-16

i just know that more than 7 minutes (probably 15 minutes) has happened and nothing change in the website. ah, and Sepp the section "Some members of the team" in /de/index.html is not updated to the last in /index.html :D
Johann Henriquez L.
ICQ #137470123   GNU/Linux user #279323

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