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[xouweb] Re: upload II

From: Johann Henriquez L.
Subject: [xouweb] Re: upload II
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 02:02:23 GMT


maybe one of the others webmasters can help me ...

i do the same...
i update my arch repository:
$ tla update --in-place xouvert-html
$ cd xouvert-html
then i edit the files with my editor leaving the TAGS... this is very important... always check that!
then i make and edit the log with my editor:
$ tla make-log
and upload regulary:
$ tla commit
and everything ok...
the first time i did it, it was everything ok, and 7 minutes later the changes appear in the website. but the second time i did it... i think almost a day after, my changes appear in the website.
why? i have no idea. Jonathan do you have some clue?
cron? some script? i don't know.
this tutorial is very nice...
(from xouvert website) :D
Johann Henriquez L.
ICQ #137470123   GNU/Linux user #279323

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