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[xouweb] download the web-page II

From: Robert Wimmer
Subject: [xouweb] download the web-page II
Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2003 19:43:38 +0000

--- #1
hi jonathan,

it didn't work to download the html sources using arch . so i tried to connect to the server via ftp. that works - but i do not want to down- and uploud the translation without using "arch". maybe something could be mixed up.

the thing i donĀ“t understand is. why do i get a "wrong password" error using arch and the same password works using ftp ? any idea ?

bye sepp

--- #2
i will insert the dialog for you.  I dont know what went wrong ... sorry



linux:~ # tla register-archive address@hidden sftp://address@hidden/xouvert/h2003
archive already registered: address@hidden
linux:~ # tla get address@hidden/html--mainline--1.0 xouvert.html
address@hidden's password:
Permission denied, please try again. > and i tried


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