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[xouweb] Re: Question about sentences in the web page

From: Jonathan Walther
Subject: [xouweb] Re: Question about sentences in the web page
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 01:14:32 -0700
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On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 08:01:08AM +0000, Robert Wimmer wrote:
1 st: i tried to down- and upload the HTML files yesterday, but it didn't work. Don't know what went wrong. I followed your instruction to load them down, but i couldn't GET any files (wrong password error; One thing I didn't understand is that i never was asked for my user id). Maybe some of the webmasters can tell me what i should do ... (i am not to familiar with ARCH and downloading via sftp)

Ok, I think the problem is that your login account where you are doing
the work on arch is slightly different from the one I gave you on the
reactor core.  Maybe when you do the "register-archive" command, instead
of sftp://reactor-core.org, put sftp://address@hidden instead,
and that should fix the problem.

2 nd: it is clear for me, that every one of us is responsible for his (her) work as far as the translation is concerned. but sometimes you have to change for example the MAIN page to make your parts work. will there be someone responsible for this or shall we do this on our own?

I gave you all full access to the website.  If something in the main
part of the site needs to be changed, feel free.  If you plan to make
a major site change, naturally it is best if you send a message to the
other webmasters, but I trust you all to work for the betterment of the
project.  Johann made a mistake earlier, but he also fixed it really
quickly, and has gotten much more proficient with the arch tool as a

i really would like to see my (german) translation work. i uploaded it nearly 2 weeks ago :(

I know. I'm sorry it took so long to set the archive up.  But it is set
up now, so you can put up your work as soon as you want.  Can you please
give the arch archive another try?



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