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[xouweb] About Xouvert.

From: Þórður Ívar Björnsson
Subject: [xouweb] About Xouvert.
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 06:56:25 -0000

Hello there.

One of my 'IRC friends' Mr.Mister ( Andri Yngvarsson your docbook expert ;)
showed me this project and I'm more then willing to help out with 
coding/translations on your website e.t.c.

I was wondering how the translations of your website is done, do you send me a 
tar archive with all the HTML files and I do this by hand, do you have some 
kind of an translation system or do I just translate the text and send it to 
somebody in plaintext ( I would be intersted in translating the website into 
Icelandic :)
Ofcourse I will translate the HOWTO and FAQ too.

Then I would like to help out with some code hacking ( tho my C "skills" are 
nothing to brag about but one can learn ;)


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