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Re: Xlog and Hamlib-4

From: Andy Stewart
Subject: Re: Xlog and Hamlib-4
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 21:40:59 -0500
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On 11/26/20 6:36 PM, Barry Jackson wrote:
On 31/10/2020 02:55, Andy Stewart wrote:

HI Barry,

Let me know if you continue to have issues.

Hi Andy,
OK I finally found time to have another look at this.

I started by rebuilding against a recent hamlib snapshot.

Hi Barry,

I need very specific details in order to attempt to reproduce this problem.

* if the xlog version is not 2.0.19, please try again with that version, which is the latest

* Exact version of hamlib (ideally, the link from where you downloaded it)

* Exact type and version of Linux

* If you did any custom configuration when you compiled hamlib and/or xlog, I'll need those instructions as well

* I don't have a TS-405S, so I may not be able to reproduce the problem, but I will try.

Thanks, and 73,


Andy Stewart (KB1OIQ)
Vice President: PART of Westford, MA (WB1GOF)

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