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[Xlog-discussion] RELEASED: Version 2.0.13

From: Andy Stewart
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] RELEASED: Version 2.0.13
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 16:50:44 -0400
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Hello everybody,

Version 2.0.13 has been released!  It includes the following:

- Changes for xlog version 2.0.13 - 2015-apr-19
  * Fixed date in cabrillo3 output to be: yyyy-mm-dd
  * Fixed date in EDI output to be: yymmdd
  * Fixed QSORecords in EDI output
  * Updated cty.dat to 20150420 (cty-2505)   <-- brand new!
  * Fixed Bug #44547: Added JT9 modes
  * Fixed Bug #44259: broken dupe checking

The code is on its way to being released in Debian and Ubuntu, which typically takes a few days.

The code can be downloaded from here:

Please wait a few hours for the mirrors to be updated.

Many thanks to all of you for testing the beta releases and providing bug reports with data for reproducing those bugs. It was most helpful!

Have a lot of fun, and 73,


Andy Stewart (KB1OIQ)
Founder:   Worcester Linux Users' Group
Founder:   Chelmsford Linux Meetup Group
President: PART of Westford, MA (WB1GOF)

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