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Re: [Xlog-discussion] Auto backups

From: Andy Stewart
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] Auto backups
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 22:42:44 -0500
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On 02/25/2014 06:58 PM, Ed wrote:
On 02/25/2014 06:51 PM, Grant McDuling wrote:
Thanks Ed, Sure, but does this mean the log is backup up on every save?

Grant VK4JAZ

Don't know, maybe Andy will have the answer. I do a backup of selected
files at 9 AM every day includes /.xlog.


1) When starting xlog, the log is copied to a backup file. This happens each time xlog is started. In the ~/.xlog directory, notice *.backup files.

2) In the Settings->Preferences->logs menu, one can set the following:

2a) "Save with every log change", which writes your log after every QSO is entered. Note the backup log file is NOT updated at this time (see #1 above).

2b) "Enable Autosave", where the log is written every N minutes. Note that the backup log file is NOT updated at this time (see #1 above).

Notice the tab for the log in the xlog GUI. If the tab contains the asterisk '*' character, it means that data in the log window has not been saved to a file. If the user tries to quit the program, the user will be asked if that is OK. Pressing cancel brings one back to the GUI. Pressing OK causes new data to be lost. Presumably, the user would either a) wait for the autosave to take place, or b) enable "save with every log change, or c) manually save via File->Save or File->Save As prior to quitting.

By default, the logs and backup files are stored in ~/.xlog. This occurs when "use standard backup procedure" is selected and if the user has not changed the ~/.xlog default directory location. The "copy logs to safe location" selection puts the backup files into a different directory (selected by the user), but seems to keep the normal log file in ~/.xlog.



Andy Stewart (KB1OIQ)
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