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[Xlog-discussion] Call for participation - creation of a specification f

From: sconklin Lists
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Call for participation - creation of a specification for interoperability of amateur radio applicaions
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 10:00:21 -0500

Recently there has been discussion in several of the amateur radio
development communities that I participate in about establishing
standards for interoperability of amateur radio applications.

Discussion has been around protocols and data formats for amateur
radio applications, to be used both on a local host and for
interaction with web-based applications.

In the last week, the discussion gained enough momentum on the
linux-ham mailing list that it was suggested that interested
participants take the discussion to the arswd Yahoo group:


The informally stated purpose is to create an open cross-platform
specification that will allow interoperability of applications. This
is not aimed at any particular operating system or distribution.

This is still in the stage of having people gather for further
discussion, so it's wide open for contribution.

it would be great to have participation by the principal developers of
various amateur radio applications, no matter which O.S. your
applications run on. No one know better than you what would help you
make your app work better. No matter what your area of knowledge -
logging, sound card modems, satellite comms, contesting . . . there
are probably unique aspects of those applications that should be
accounted for in the spec.

I personally see this as a step toward some amazing amateur radio
applications, suites, and web-based applications.


Steve, AI4QR

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