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[Xlog-discussion] Experimental eqsl upload facility

From: D Hutchinson G8SQH
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Experimental eqsl upload facility
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 19:01:23 +0100

xlog has been giving me faithful service, taking log data from fldigi and 
exporting it as adif for eqsl and lotw. Only thing missing was upload 
automation, particularly for eqsl.

In the linux tradition, I have created a program for this purpose. It runs, and 
watches an xlog log file for write activity. When this is detected, it locates 
any new (or altered) qso records, and uploads them if they are complete. 
(fldigi or the operator sometimes logs incomplete records :-))
Normally this occur as each qso is logged

It is strictly an alpha release, but it's only a few hundred lines of python, 
and it might be useful to somebody.

Get it from http://www.whabbit.demon.co.uk/xlog-uploader01apr.tgz 

You will need to edit two files - in upload.py you have to put in eqsl name and 
password, and in watch.py the xlog filename


options are

-d to clear the record for a log file - this will cause all records to be 
uploaded again on the next change
-n inhibits actual upload, but still records the qso as 'known'
-l file lets you supply an alternate xlog filename

You can control individual log entries - if the remarks field contains upload 
or !upload, then the entry will (if complete enough) or won't be uploaded.

You'll need python 2.6 and the inotify module for python - 

Let me know if this is any use - I am considering adding LOTW, but the tqsllib 
is a deal more work to hook to python. 

D Hutchinson G8SQH <address@hidden>

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