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Thanks: [Xlog-discussion] Hiding/Showing entries - fixed

From: WB5BKL
Subject: Thanks: [Xlog-discussion] Hiding/Showing entries - fixed
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 16:43:18 -0500

My thanks to Pierfrancesco Caci who e-mailed me directly (I am on the
digest) with an explanation of how xlog handles multiple logs and also
how the 'hide' and 'show' choices function.

With my normal backups and some careful pruning of my log during the
contest, I was able to restore the missing entries in just a few
minutes.  I do have about 170 QSOs that will need minor QSO data added
to them.

Pierfrancesco also took the time to expand on the utility of multiple
logs and his personal backup scheme.  I plan to increase my backups to
once weekly.  

And, yes, I just did a backup.

Again thanks.

Lake Buchanan, Texas

> >>>>> "WB5BKL" == WB5BKL  <address@hidden> writes:
>     WB5BKL> Running xlog 2.0.3 During a recent contest, I decided to
>     WB5BKL> 'hide' several columns that I knew I would not have to
>     WB5BKL> deal with immediately: QSLOUT, QSLIN, POWER, and OTHER.
>     WB5BKL> When I used the log editor to 'show' those entries again,
>     WB5BKL> all of my data in those columns had vanished - for all of
>     WB5BKL> my ~4K log entries.  Rats.
>     WB5BKL> I have monthly backups and those logs still show missing
>     WB5BKL> entries in those columns when loaded.
>     WB5BKL> What did I do wrong?  Am I missing a concept here?

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