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[Xlog-discussion] Newbie XLOG Questions

From: Dave Collins
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Newbie XLOG Questions
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 20:01:22 -0600


  Great work on xlog!  I am running this on ubuntu linux.  my version is
1.7.  I have a few questions.

First, is that the current linux version?  I have done a System |
administration | update manager and it says I am current.  yet there is
much that does not match the documentation.

Second, how can I export ALL of the log fields to a spreadsheet?  When I
do a Log | Export | TSV it only sends the following fields to the file:

Date    Time    Band    Mode    Ex-Call Ex-Signal
(Those are my titles, but you get the idea).

Specifically I am trying to get the "QTH" field out, so I can submit an
entry to a PSKFest contest I worked recently.  I have put "state" in QTH
since I didn't see a state field.

Thanks much!

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