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[Xlog-discussion] CQ Mode and F4

From: Alastair Couper
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] CQ Mode and F4
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 08:35:56 -1000
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After having played some more with xlog in contests, I think the need for using Ctrl-A to add the QSO to the log is redundant, at least in CQ mode. It takes up time at high rates. It should be sufficient, after the call has been entered, the report sent and received, to just hit F4 to send confirmation, and have that keystroke also execute the Ctrl-A function as well, and have the cursor return to the callsign field. Or, even better, just filling in the exchange info and hitting return could execute the F4 and Ctrl-A. This is similar to SD, for instance.

In S&P mode, the Ctrl-A function could be executed after the report is sent. There are times when the QSO is lost and the report is not received, in which case the QSO would have to be deleted manually. But this is not the usual occurrence, and the little bit of automation would be welcomed.


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