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Re: [Xlog-discussion] Xdx Operation Question

From: Harry Popov
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] Xdx Operation Question
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 20:36:11 +0300

Strange... That was my first message on this list. When I got the list
distributed copy I was surprised to see whole words missing from my
message. Is there any filters on Joop?

So here agaim all corrected:

On Wed, 2007-07-18 at 20:25 +0300, Harry Popov wrote:
Hi Rob,

> I have been using Xdx a little while, and I would like to turn off the
> beeps that it does everytime another station is spotted.

Uncheck the "Sound" in XDX and that all. If it is still beeping then you
should disable sound in the cluster used. That is with command send to
cluster machine. Use "apropo ...." for details

> Also, is there a way to automatically connect to the
> cluster you wish to when the program is launched? 

Yes it is possible, at lieast works for me. Open:
Settings > Prefferences and check: Enable autologin. Then in the blank
field bellow lable write all commands you usualy type via the keyboard.
If more than one separate them by comma. Do not forget to change NOCALL 
with your real call sign.

All above works for me in all XDX versions since v 2.x

Hope this helps and excuse my spare English.

73, Harry LZ1BB

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