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[Xlog-discussion] Log editor "free field" labels, awards and contests

From: Jacob Anawalt
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Log editor "free field" labels, awards and contests
Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 17:32:56 -0600
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I've been enjoying xlog for a couple of years ago. I feel like such a novice in ham radio despite the reading and listening I do. I rely on programs like xlog to 'just work' so that I can learn from how they do things - and it's been doing a fine job.

When I started out I mostly used xlog to note where I heard simplex qso's. I had modes and bands as listboxes, so I used one free field for the exact frequency and another for the antenna I was using.

A little later I decided to start a new log for the repeaters I could hear. By this time I had started using hamlib and realized that the exact frequency went in next to the Mhz button if "Bands" was an edit box. I put the freq. from the free field into the MHz/Band field on my listening log and hid that column. In the new repeaters log I renamed the first free field to PL.

Now that I have HF privileges I am looking into getting awards and considering contests. I've made a couple dozen contacts and tried exporting to ADIF format and then uploading to eQSL.cc and LoTW. Both uploads worked out, compliments again to xlog.

As I get more serious about this, I find myself wondering about how to best make use of the free fields and exchanging information with eQSL.cc and LoTW.

I saw in the changelog a note about QSL_VIA. That sounded like a good field, so in my new simplex log I edited the columns to be QSLSDATE and QSL_VIA. When I went back to my repeater log (tab) later, I saw that it's free field names had changed as well.

Each log seems to remember what columns are shown. Do they not remember what their field labels are, or am I doing something wrong?

I was planning on using a different log for different activity so that I could use the free fields differently. For example, SRX and STX or their _STRING variants for contests and PROP_MODE and SAT_NAME to log potential satellite work for awards.

I wonder how other xlog users do these things. Special mode operation is more of a distant prospect at the moment. I am more interested in knowing how people run contests and get the right logs together.

I've searched the archives and found one note that tlf may be the way to go for HF contests, but there seemed to be more threads saying that xlog was working out for people. I also learned about adding the serial number to the end of the RST. I'd sure love to read through a document that lays out this common knowledge.

Sorry for the long post on a few related topics.

Jacob / kd7yko

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