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[Xlog-discussion] New to list - questions

From: Peter Laws
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] New to list - questions
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 16:46:31 -0600


At present, I'm using N1MM's Logger and MMTTY, both excellent "about
as free as you can get under Windows" programs on my 1.6 GHz Duron

The shack radio is dual-boot with SuSE 9.1, has a Creative Labs SB and
a 4-port serial card (for Rig Blaster,CI-V, etc)  and ideally I'd like
to use non-MS software for everything.

I like to say that I don't keep an electronic log, preferring to use
an ARRL logbook instead, but that's really not true.  If you consider
that most of my operating consists of contests (mostly RTTY but also
'phone) using N1MM and with only occasional DX and ragchews (paper
logs), I really *do*  do most of my logging on the computer.

So my questions are these:

o N1MM can spit out ADIF logs ... can I import these into Xlog
assuming I decide to make Xlog my primary log?

o I'm going to give gMFSK a try as well as a potential replacement for
MMTTY for RTTY - does Xlog play nice with it?  Is it an integrated
combo like N1MM Logger/MMTTY?  Of course, I've got to get SuSE to
operate the soundcard correctly first - it doesn't want to see the
right inputs and outputs!

Peter Laws | N5UWY/9 | plaws0 gmail

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