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Re: [Xlog-discussion] Errors in Cabrillo format

From: Pastor-kc1di
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] Errors in Cabrillo format
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 13:18:23 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

I've also noticed this with adif format.. sometimes when saving a file in adif it omits the frequency and /or the mode data.  Also sure would be nice if you could flag the qsos that you want to save or export so you don't have to deal with duplicate log entries when import into other logging programs or up loading to the net. Ie E-qsl.cc.
just some thoughts,
keep up the good work,
73 Dave kc1di
-------Original Message-------
Date: 02/22/04 10:56:41
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Errors in Cabrillo format
Hi all,
I tried to export my log to cabrillo and I found some badly formated
columns. I use xlog 0.9.1.
QSO-lines are shortend by some spaces to fit to line length.
Without contest numbers
QSO: 28    PH 2004-01-11 0908 DK5JG      59         DH6JL         59
Phone is ok
QSO: 28    CW 2004-01-11 0933 DK5JG      599        DL5JS         599
CW is ok
QSO: 14    RY 2004-01-18 1558 DK5JG      59  9      EW1CQ         59  9
Bad, RST is only 59, then contest number, wrong type of RST in RTTY
RST allways has three digits in the Cabrillo specification.
QSO: 10    PSK312003-08-19 1228 DK5JG     58  9      I1FYB/1       53  9
Bad, wrong type of RST in PSK31 and too long mode, PSK31.
Mode and date are not separated.
PSK31 is not defined in Cabrillo specifications so really export this
QSO: 144   FM 2003-09-06 1857 DK5JG         55         DB3KJ         55
FM is ok
With contest numbers
QSO: 144   CW 2002-09-08 0804 DK5JG     559 028    DF3FS/P       529 064
CW is ok
QSO: 144   PH 2002-09-08 0811 DK5JG     59  029    PA6C          55  477
Phone is ok
QSO: 14    RY 2002-07-28 2141 DK5JG     59  9-14   KB3TS         59 9-05
Bad RST and contest numbers
QSO: 14    RY 2002-04-27 1833 DK5JG     59  9020   UA3LEO        59 9038
Bad RST and contest numbers
On startup xlog shows number of QSOs and number of countries in the
In the moment my log shows:
792 QSO, ok, my QSOs since Jan. 2002
342 countries: WOW! brilliant operator indeed working 10W on a multiband
dipole under roof, every second QSO a new country??? :-)
So, what does this number really count?
73 de Burkhard, DK5JG
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