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Re: [Xlog-discussion] idea for usability

From: Eric S. Johansson
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] idea for usability
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 08:56:44 -0500
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Joop Stakenborg wrote:

 > first of all, thanks for your ideas.

Right now, the log program merely records frequency, mode and signal strength instead of controlling the radio. I guess your ideas would require a major rewrite (if I understand correctly what you are saying) and exchange of data between xdx (you are talking about spots, I guess you mean dx-spots) and xlog.

It wouldn't necessarily need a major rewrite for xlog. One possibility would be for reworking just xdx or its equivalent to work with some form of heavily hacked upon mouse to be a dedicated pseudo dial and text-to-speech. Then xlog would only need an interface to be told to log the rig frequency and given call sign.

I have a rather long TODO list, but it won't hurt adding your wished to this list...

you aren't the only one. Still trying to finish camram (hybrid sender-pays antispam system) and I just invented a significant improvement to sled focuser for telescopes and need to build a prototype, and quite frankly I haven't been on the air in months and I would like to play with radio one of these days.

speaking of DX spots, why hasn't anybody else pointed out that the same technology could be used for affinity groups such as spots for mfsk, throb, various nets, etc. or even just a simple "I am here" so your friends can find you. In such a system, xlog could update automatically a spots server with your rig settings every time you change frequency or X minutes so your spot won't vanish from the site.

Turns out that the same approach could be useful even for VHF mobile. Obviously the user interface would need work for mobile environment but it could let you know what repeaters had passive listeners so that you increase the chance of making a contact when you're driving around in off hours and all you have is 2 m/440 FM note: here in the states, repeaters are dead usually except during rush hour.


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