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[Xlog-discussion] Computer Chaos

From: Wilbert Knol
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Computer Chaos
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 09:24:24 +1300
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Slightly off-topic, but I can't resist. I checked out the TS7N story 
Good stuff, Rein....

Having been responsible for the logging of a couple of large-scale 
DXpeditions myself, I now operate on the KISS principle:

No networking. 
No rig interfacing.
Only three modes: SSB, CW and RTTY.
(no PSK31/JT44/WSJT/SSTV/Satellite or other non-productive, 
distractive hobby-horse modes)

CT 9.84 only, with an exception for RTTY software, preferably WF1B 

No virusses and trojans. That means: no MS Windows. No 3rd party 
floppies or CDs.

Preferably no web logs (a distraction that costs QSO numbers, although 
it saves dupes).

No design-by-committee with regards to logging. If people aren't happy 
with that, they find another DXpdn to join.

Some think, naively, that going on a DXPDN is like playing ham radio 
in your own shack, but on a larger scale.

Team members often feel that a DXpedition must have all the logging 
features that they have at home. In fact, some of them insist the 
DXPDN must whatever logging software they use at home. 

The DXPDN requirement is simple: pump out as many QSOs to the rare 
entity as possible. And come back with a clean log.

Wilbert, ZL2BSJ

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