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[Xlog-discussion] NEW: xlog-0.9beta3

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] NEW: xlog-0.9beta3
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 14:55:43 +0200
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Here is another xlog beta, which brings us a lot closer to the 0.9 release:


I have rewritten some of the hamlib stuff, so you can now turn rig-polling off (rig polling is disabled by default). This is important for people who experienced gui slugishness when enabling hamlib. Just use Ctrl-k when you need rig-information.

The old pixmap based S-meter is back and there are also some changes requested by Tomi and Luc.

A world of warning: lognames and paths are not UTF-8 clean yet, so don't use foreign language characters for lognames!!!

Here is a fulll list of changes:

* Hamlib: Polling is now configurable, you can turn it on/off and set
  the polling time from the preferences dialog.
* Hamlib: Added a trace dialog. When activated, it will display rig
  communication, which is also saved to ~/.xlog/hamlib.out.
* Hamlib: a second application can add a HAMLIB token to the string sent
  to xlog, e.g. 'mhz:HAMLIB', which will retrieve the rigs frequency and
  add it to the log. The mode, tx and power fields also can use this
  token, see remote/README and remote/sendtoxlog.c for examples.
* Type and find now only fills in empty fields.
* Defaults are only filled in when fields are empty.
* Use UTF-8 encoding for date, name, QTH, freefield1, freefield2 and
* Ctrl-w is a shortcut for opening/closing the 'worked before' dialog.
* Trlog (tlf) and EDI (VHF and higher contest format recommanded by IARU
  region 1) file support by Stephane.
* Fix for ADIF export by Stephane in cases when the log would have
  fields containing "U1" or "U2".
* Using the optionmenu is now possible when hamlib is enabled.
* Added a field for configuring your rig for hamlib in the preferences
  -> Settings -> Hamlib page (TODO: document this in the manual page).
* Added a dialog which, started from the help->documentation submenus
  which can display the MANUAL, README, TODO, THANKS and FAQ file inside
  the package.
* Make ktrack happy and only fill-in fields which are empty when
  receiving data from ktrack.
* Minor bugfixes.

I will be going on holiday on Sept 1st so please send bug reports to the list. Considering the TODO list is relatively small we should be able to release 0.9 somewhere in October.

73 de Joop PG4I

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