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[Xlog-discussion] Re: GUI blocking

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Re: GUI blocking
Date: 28 Feb 2003 19:10:26 +0100

Op vr 28-02-2003, om 12:55 schreef Wilbert Knol:
> Hi Joop,
> Sorry for the delay in testing your XLOG mods. I have just installed
> Stephane's latest hamlib CVS snapshot, and I am back in business with
> hamlib.
> I made the code changes you suggested, increasing the times to 1000 ms,
> and it seems to have worked: no more frozen GUI!
> I am using a Keyspan USB<>RS232 hub for rig control, and I can see the
> LED double-blink once a second (the XLOG query and the rig reply, I guess)
> so that's OK.

Do you happen to know the baud rate of the USB hub? It would also be
interesting to know what kind of rig you are using, so we can check you
rig's timeout setting.

> However, when I turn the dial on the rig, XLOG reports 'bus collisions'
> and 'protocol errors' (hamlib errors 14 and 8, respectively). I know that
> the rig sends out the new QRG when I tune it, and maybe that causes a bus
> collision.

The only reason for collisions I can think of, is the rig still sending
information while xlog already demands for the next information. So this
would mean the timing is still too fast. But I might be wrong here....

> In any case, it is not fatal, and XLOG correctly displays the new QRG
> after a few seconds, so it's looking much better now!

Thanks for trying. I have to think about finding a neat way to avoid GUI
blocking in future versions of xlog.

> 73,
> Wilbert.

Joop, PA4TU

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