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Re: [Xlog-discussion] Some things about Xlog

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: Re: [Xlog-discussion] Some things about Xlog
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 00:20:08 +0200

On Sunday 12 May 2002 20:12, Jaime Robles wrote:
> Hello all!

Hi Jaime!

> As i have been using xlog in my station for month or two... (well, i am
> really coping my "paper" log to XLog since i usually don't remember to log
> in the PC while i am DXing...)  :-)
> I has just "crashed" and i have though... i am going to inform and give
> some "work" to the developmet team >:-)

What did you do to make it crash? Is it reproducable? I would be interested in 
fixing this crash.....

> I miss some more things in XLog...
> One of that is a "cluster" interface...  just to have ONE window opened...
> :-) I miss also a "default" field configuration... i mean a "59" in the
> Report fields, a "QSL out", the "power", ... Maybe adding a "Via", "IOTA",
> ... and some other fields... yes i know, there are some "custom" fields...
> but...

I like the idea for default fields!
Yes, we can also think about a cluster interface in the future, where you can 
click on the frequency in the cluster interface and your transceiver will 
automatically jump to to the DX QRG. Would be nice.
I don't know about the 'Via' and 'IOTA' fields. More custom fields will be 
added to xlog in the future. This should be enough for all the requests I get 
for those 'crazy fields' that peope want.

If I had some more time, I really would like to write a CW keyer which would 
integrate with xlog. I was thinking of a separate program which keys through 
the serial port (like tlf does) and sends logging information to xlog. This 
tiny program would only need a couple of fields (e.g. for callsign and 
reports) and some definable functions keys. Very handy for CW doing contests 
with the keyboard.

> And the most important think for me... is the "layout" of the display... i
> really think it could be "redesigned" (don't know it it is well writen...).
> IMO there is too much space just to show last contacts... maybe a "2-tab"
> configuration will be better... the "new QSO" box is quite tiny, isn't it?

What exactly do you mean? 2 pages for the QSO frame? You will lose the 
overview that you have now, if you hide some information behind a tab...

> And... it would be GREAT if Xlog could make some "award's check" :-)'''
> DXCC, WAS, WAE, WAZ... some IOTA check (i am speaking too much of IOTA but
> i don't work islands... X'DDD ) and better if you could define your
> personal award with templates... just to check all the awards... DIE, TPEA,
> ... (die & tpea are EA awards).

Well writing a interface for awards can be a real nightmare I think. Like I 
have pointed out in some of my previous mails, it already is very difficult 
to write a functions which displays DXCC information correctly (for example 
K1B = KH1). But I like the idea. Maybe we can think of a nice solution for an 
awards function.

> I will continue....
> 73


On to your next mail....

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