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[Xlog-discussion] Log editor and VHF logging (xlog-0.7beta4)

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Log editor and VHF logging (xlog-0.7beta4)
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 18:36:54 +0200

Hi folks, been busy, see


but is has been fun and lots of interesting things coming up. Today I have 
spent some time fixing and udating xlog. The next beta is at:


List of changes:

* Add a 'click all' to the pop-up menu when right-clicking on the QSO frame.
You can also use 'Ctrl+k' for this.
* Add wwl code by IK0ZSN. When a locator is entered in the log, distance and
azimuth is displayed in a separate frame.
* Remove all references to 'Shortwave' logging. Xlog is now also useable for
VHF/UHF logging.
* The log-editor is now functional. You can Show/Hide 9 different log fields.
2 of these fields can be given any name (so called free fields). These free     
fields are used in the log columns and when printing the log.
* When a new log is created, the log-editor is started after a name for the
log is entered.
* Spanish translations by Jaime, EA4BV.
* Cabrillo and editest support patch added by Stephane.
* Fixed a number of bugs reported by Stephane:
* Home/End key added for navagating the log.
* Up/Dn Arrow keys now only work when the log has focus (you should select a
QSO first).
* Callsign in the preferences dialog for cabrillo. Also adapted cabrillo.c.
* Ctrl-Q should now work correctly for closing a log.
* Fixed a segfault which occured when clicking on any of the buttons of the
toolbar when no log is present.
* The Remarks field in the QSO frame would be filled when no remark field in
the log is present. Fixed.

Things to do for the next beta:

* Normal log prints upside down (From Tomi)
* "Save As" does not check for over-writing existing file.(From Stephane)
* Dupe checking for contests. (From Bryn Joynes, N4VM)
* Check what to name free fields when using 'Save As'. (Me)

Please report any bugs to the list.

Joop PA4TU

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