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[Xlog-discussion] VP6/D Ducie Island is not on xLog

From: Jaime Robles
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] VP6/D Ducie Island is not on xLog
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 20:05:44 +0200

Hello all again!
Just that... i have been looking to the 0.61 sources and i haven't Ducie... 
the new DX entity.

I have also notice that it is called "Country" instead of Entity that is the 
official" name of "ham countries" ;-)

I have started with the "es.po" from the pot file... i hope to finish it 
tomorrow and i will apreciate if you tell me an email to send the file.

Thanks for the program!
73 de EA4TV

Un saludo,
        Jaime Robles
        Coordinador KDE-es - KDE Spanish Translation Team
        http://www.kde.org/es  - http://es.i18n.kde.org

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