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Re: New maintainer, plans for the future of XBoard

From: Simon Scatton
Subject: Re: New maintainer, plans for the future of XBoard
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2021 00:07:41 +0000

Thank you, Tim and H.G for your precious feedback. 

I think you are right about C++, I’d rather have H.G and you
being able to contribute rather than be doing C++ on my own so
that's set.

Seems like everyone agrees on cleaning up X Window code.

I also kind of agree with H.G. on the point I made about the design.
I personally like the design and simplicity of the interface but I
thought it might look a bit old to some people. Maybe I'll try to
give a shot at modernizing some of the UI components without losing
the spirit of XBoard, I'll send you some images when I get some time.

For the Windows problem, I thought using C++ would solve the issue but
since we are going for C. There is no reason to change what's actually
in place.

H.G.: do you want me to push your changes to the actual repo or will
you be able to recover your password and push them?

Best regards,


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