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Re: [XBoard-devel] Distribution of board themes

From: Joshua Pettus
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] Distribution of board themes
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2016 09:30:13 -0400
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Could we add a THANK-YOU file and put in "Special thanks to Gorgonian - http://gorgonian.weebly.com/"; to the textures package? Also not sure what you want to do with the transparent set set I sent you.

On 4/24/16 4:24 AM, H.G. Muller wrote:

This would minimize scrolling at the expense of extra double-clicking
to eter a sub-directory during piece-theme selection. One could also
argue that the preview facilities XBoard now offers are good enough
to dump all themes into one folder, as scrolling is not such an
annoyance when you do not have to leave the folder and return
(thereby losing the old scroll position).
At this point, in the open file dialog, I am simply hitting the down arrow to cycle through the themes till I hit one I like. The preview is essential. As such, adding a bunch of folders just gums up the works. I don't think there are that many so as to really make this necessary. Even if you also add those png jin pieces from raptor into the mix.

The main issue is this, however: if we are going to host such packages
on the GNU servers, does it still make sense to package the traditional
Xiangqi and Shogi themes with the XBoard standard install? Or would
it be better to have packages xb_xiangqi and xb_shogi amongst the
theme packages, which then could be installed only by people who
actually want to play these gaes in traditional oriental (kanji) represent-
ation, rather than with the 'default' (western pictogram) theme?
I'm fine with this.

Another question is how we should direct people to the download for
piece and board themes. Should there be a new 'download piece themes'
menu entry in the Help menu that directs them to a download page? q
Or should we make a button or link for that in the Board dialog?
Well if you want an in app solution, I think the help menu would be the place to go. It's where all the other external stuff is. Board dialog is pretty cluttered as is.
What would be the best policy for automatic creation of
Theme entries in the listbox? Would it be desirable to implement a way
of automatically creating collapsible groups in this listbox, so that
theme packages could create such groups of entries (thus reducing
demand on precious listbox space, and removing the reluctance to
create entries), or add them to an existing group?

Especially with the preview on the board as is, the openfile dialog box is no longer a bear to navigate. I really don't see the advantage in making the theme listbox have that problem. I mean it's not going to negate the use of the open dialog box. You cant have a theme for every combination, so someone hits the theme for a given set and they are still choosing board colors/textures. I don't think that much time is saved. I say just leave the theme listbox for themes of the user's creations. Minus the couple demo themes to show how it works.


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