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Re: [XBoard-devel] Board sizing

From: H.G. Muller
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] Board sizing
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2016 10:21:26 +0200
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Fixed it!

The problem was that elements packed on a row (such as logos + clocks) were considered vertically expanding when their requested height was > 80, in which case they would divide all vertical window sizing equally amongst them. At large square size the logo height became larger than 80, so the vertical space would be divided equally between logos and board. (The magic number 80 distinguishes single-line text entries from large
text memos with vertical scrol bars like in the Edit windows.)

I am still not very happy with the treatment of fonts in auxiliary windows. E.g. the user could accidentally start at -boardSize Titanic, see it is much too large, size it interactively to Middling, and happily close XBoard. The Game List would now have inherited the
Titanic font size when XBoard next opens in size Middling.

OTOH, making the 'other' fonts adapt on sizing doesn't seem ideal either. A user could extensively taylor his fonts in each window (e.g. using figurine in Comments and Move List, an extra small type in the Game List...), resize the board a little, and see all his settings
replaced by the defaults for the new size.

Perhaps XBoard should be aware of whether the font in use is default or specified. The latter would be the case for font specs read from a command line or settings file, (which then end up as 'valid' in the fonts table) or for using the Fonts dialog. On resizing, the current font would only be kept if it was specified, and there is no 'valid' font in the fonts table for the new size. So once a font for a specific size was specified, it would never be altered as a side effect of sizing, but keeping the same explicitly specified font would be prefered over using a default font for the new size. And using the default font for the new size would be preferred
over keeping the default font of the old size.

That actually sounds quite reasonable. The question is when a font should be
put into the font table (making it persistent, as the font table would be saved in the settings file). In any case this should be done when the user altered it
through the Fonts dialog. (But not the fonts he did not alter!) Probably not
at the time he sized, and the font would be kept, because he might do a number of sizes in a row before he is satisfied with the board, while not really happy
about the inherited font at all (and address that problem only after he is
happy with the board size). When he closes XBoard after resizing it is likely
that he would at that time also be happy with the specified font inherited
from the original size, so at that time the font could be included in the
font table for saving.

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