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Re: [XBoard-devel] Fwd: 4.9.0 what's new

From: H.G. Muller
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] Fwd: 4.9.0 what's new
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2016 21:55:26 +0200
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Op 4/3/2016 om 8:59 PM schreef Arun Persaud:
seems to be working over here now... I'm getting the following build
warnings now, but they seem to be OK. Will do a dev-release in a few hours.

Do we want to fix those for the release?
Well, most of those are harmless, but hard to prevent. The blackname/whitename is a consequence of disabling zippy; this #ifdefs out the code that uses them. killed2 is an efficiency issue in time-critical code, where I don't want to put in
dummy assignments just to satisfy a stupid compiler.
pieceNames is set for the benefit of future code that is not finished yet.
The deprecated calls cause fatal errors in my build system when I address them.
opt is used in code for the (deprecated) popup menus, which do not work
in GTK yet. Perhaps the latter could be fixed.

I did push one more commit for a half-finished feature to Savannah. This because it contains two to-be-translated strings. I can then finish the feature before the 4.9.0 release. This patch is for dealing with the castling-rights problem in Edit Position mode, where they are assigned by default, rather than controlled by the user.
I now want to fix it like this:

Pieces moved during Edit Position will lose their virginity; Rooks and Kings created in their normal starting position will be assumed virgin, otherwise they will assumed to have moved. The piece can select such a Rook or King, and then click it a second time to toggle its virginity, which will cause the new state to be reported in the message field.

This works, but what does not work yet is the code to translate the virginities specified this way into castling rights. This won't introduce new strings, however, so I can do
that later.

xboard.texi:1345: warning: node `Help Menu' is next for `Options Menu'
in menu but not in sectioning
xboard.texi:2262: warning: node `Options Menu' is prev for `Help Menu'
in menu but not in sectioning
   CC       backend.o
backend.c: In function ‘read_from_ics’:
backend.c:4034:21: warning: variable ‘blackname’ set but not used
    char *whitename, *blackname, *why, *endtoken;
backend.c:4034:9: warning: variable ‘whitename’ set but not used
    char *whitename, *blackname, *why, *endtoken;
backend.c: In function ‘ApplyMove’:
backend.c:10180:70: warning: variable ‘killed2’ set but not used
    ChessSquare captured = board[toY][toX], piece, pawn, king, killed,
killed2; int p, rookX, oldEP, epRank, berolina = 0;
   CC       book.o
   CC       childio.o
   CC       gamelist.o
   CC       ngamelist.o
   CC       lists.o
   CC       moves.o
moves.c: In function ‘CollectPieceDescriptors’:
moves.c:209:15: warning: variable ‘pieceName’ set but not used
      char *m, *pieceName = defaultName;
   CC       parser.o
   CC       pgntags.o
   CC       uci.o
   CC       board.o
   CC       draw.o
In file included from draw.c:59:0:
/usr/include/librsvg-2.0/librsvg/rsvg-cairo.h:27:2: warning: #warning
"Including <librsvg/rsvg-cairo.h> directly is deprecated." [-Wcpp]
  #warning "Including <librsvg/rsvg-cairo.h> directly is deprecated."
draw.c: In function ‘ScaleOnePiece’:
draw.c:387:3: warning: ‘g_type_init’ is deprecated
    g_type_init ();
In file included from /usr/include/glib-2.0/gobject/gobject.h:24:0,
                  from /usr/include/glib-2.0/gobject/gbinding.h:29,
                  from /usr/include/glib-2.0/glib-object.h:23,
                  from /usr/include/librsvg-2.0/librsvg/rsvg.h:31,
                  from draw.c:58:
/usr/include/glib-2.0/gobject/gtype.h:681:23: note: declared here
  void                  g_type_init                    (void);
   CC       dialogs.o
   CC       engineoutput.o
   CC       nengineoutput.o
   CC       evalgraph.o
   CC       nevalgraph.o
   CC       history.o
   CC       nhistory.o
   CC       menus.o
   CC       usounds.o
   CC       usystem.o
   CC       gtk/xboard.o
   CC       gtk/xoptions.o
gtk/xoptions.c: In function ‘GraphEventProc’:
gtk/xoptions.c:979:13: warning: variable ‘opt’ set but not used
      Option *opt, *graph = (Option *) gdata;
   CC       gtk/xtimer.o
   CC       gtk/xengineoutput.o
   CCLD     xboard
./texi2man ./xboard.texi > xboard.man || (rm -f xboard.man ; false)
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/arun/src/Prog/xboard'
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/arun/src/Prog/xboard'


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