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[XBoard-devel] Fwd: Fwd: 4.9.0 what's new

From: Joshua Pettus
Subject: [XBoard-devel] Fwd: Fwd: 4.9.0 what's new
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2016 09:41:57 -0400

Begin forwarded message:

From: Joshua Pettus <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] Fwd: 4.9.0 what's new
Date: April 3, 2016 at 9:41:28 AM EDT
To: "H.G. Muller" <address@hidden>

On Apr 3, 2016, at 5:22 AM, H.G. Muller <address@hidden> wrote:

Op 4/2/2016 om 8:34 PM schreef Joshua Pettus:
I probably have the tendency to underestimate the importance of this because for making small changes in a reproducible way I would always edit the hexadecimal text representation.

Unfortunately not everyone knows how hexadecimal colors work, or even how to read hexadecimal.  :)

I fear with the font menu,  Whenever I change any of the fonts and then save settings, I restart XBoard and the font isn’t saved or doesn’t override the defaults I already have in the config file.  Any idea what could be happening?

As I feared the font settings were saved based on the actual square size at the time of saving, and this was suppressed when this size was not one of the 18 standard sizes. The font handling is still from the pre-Cairo era, when the window was not sizable and the square size fixed during the session. I now pushed a patch that remembers the initial square size, and uses that when saving the font setting.

Uughh,  well that sucks…After playing with it a bit I am finding, if you are going to change a font, it better be done before you manually resize the board, or the board won’t be at the square size set when launched and therefor won’t apply.  It’s really strange to go into the config file after and find loads of font configurations at various board sizes from my previous attempts.  Perhaps as a hack for now, we shouldn’t pull the size from the board itself but instead store whatever setting is in -size and use that.  I think this way it will always work…


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