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Re: [XBoard-devel] Fwd: 4.9.0 what's new

From: H.G. Muller
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] Fwd: 4.9.0 what's new
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2016 21:50:15 +0200
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Op 4/2/2016 om 8:48 PM schreef Arun Persaud:

should I push another dev-release out this weekend?

I would like you to do that. But obviously we will have to solve the problem in the texi file first.

The problem is that I have no idea how to do that. @subsection in the texi file did not work for me. That is, it would display a title in the info file, but would be completely ignored in the man file (breaking that help click). So we only have @section and @item.

Perhaps I should make the menu dialogs all independent @sections, and preceed them by a @section header of an otherwise empty section with the name of the main menu.
Then the controls in the dialog can be @items in a @table.


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