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Re: [XBoard-devel] 4.9.0 what's new

From: Joshua Pettus
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] 4.9.0 what's new
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2016 10:03:44 -0400

>> Also I still have to build xaw version with --without-gtk instead of 
>> --with-xaw
>> Wasn’t this suppose to be fixed?
> For me it works, but it could be that --with-Xaw requires a capital.

Ah that was it

>> That’s great!  Couple of things... Which one controls the ICS console 
>> window?  Also wouldn’t we want the Coordinates to be board scalable? I feel 
>> that may be one area where it would make sense (if it were to work that is). 
>>  Should that be a checkbox?  Also it doesn’t seem to save the new settings 
>> to the settings file, at least for me.
> I pushed a more-polished version now. (It was 2am last night before I had 
> anything working at all...) I replaced the coord-font control by an ICS-font 
> control. The ICS Console pane was a bit troublesome, because it already had 
> its own mechanism to control fonts (for the colorization), where all text 
> inserted to it received its own font instructions, which would overrule the 
> general font setting of the widget. I now added code to alter the font type 
> used in this insertion, which before was only set at startup. The effect is 
> that existing text will not change its font after using the Fonts dialog, but 
> any new text appearing there will use the new font setting.
> The Cairo plotting currently calculates the font size directly from the 
> square size, and ignores the -coordFont argument. This might not be easy to 
> fix in an acceptable way. The point is that the fonts are organized per value 
> of the -boardSize argument, (and what you change with the Fonts dialog only 
> affects the current -boardSize). While the actual square size can be affected 
> by sizing the board window. And it would be very inconvenient when the 
> coordinate font would not adapt to the square size when you do that. Just as 
> it is inconvenient that the clocks and logos do not adapt to that. So perhaps 
> we should postpone this to when we have a more integrated approach to 
> resizing of the board window.
> The font settings should be saved with the other settings. But perhaps 
> resizing will interfere with it after all. Saved fnont options will get a 
> prefix "sizeNN:" to their value. I am not sure what exactly determines the NN 
> at the time of saving. It could be the current squares size as affected by 
> sizing (or switching variant).

Oh you poor man. I always think of that Al Pacino scene in Godfather Part III, 
“Just when I thought I was out …  they pull me back in!"

Well it all works fantastic now!  Great job!  I agree coordinates can wait.  
They already scale to board-size so there is no real urgency there.

Btw, everything that should be working with translations works now, great job!  
(minus the browse part but that hasn’t been translated yet)


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