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[XBoard-devel] new developer release out

From: Arun Persaud
Subject: [XBoard-devel] new developer release out
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2016 11:12:24 -0700
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just pushed


as a pre release for 4.9.0 to ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/xboard/

Should hopefully show up there soon (my latest gpg key wasn't on file,
so there might be a small delay).

If you want to play with it, just do a "make dist" on the tagged version.

This release is mostly so that we can get started on translations, so I
will let the translationproject know that there is an new release.

Known issues:
* I tried configuring with --with-Xaw, but that version did not compile
(I got a cairo error).
* I'm also getting a few compiler warnings about unused variables, which
we could clean up.
* When starting the compiled version without installing it, xboard might
get confused since it will probably load an old init file from /etc...
I'm wondering if we can/should detect that xboard is not installed in
the install directory defined in the Makefile (or perhaps just check if
we are running from the same directory as the source is in, e.g. test
for xboard.h the init file and the svg pieces) and in that case just use
the etc file and pieces from the source directory? We could pop up a
message saying "development version detected" or something like this. I
think this could make testing easier.


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