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[XBoard-devel] new developer release with cairo integration

From: Arun Persaud
Subject: [XBoard-devel] new developer release with cairo integration
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2012 17:00:27 -0700
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there is a new developer release available with some bigger changes. We
now use cairo for most or all of the drawing and SVGs for the pieces.
This allowed for example to make the XBoard main window resizable ;)

Try it out and let us know how its working for you and what we can/need
improve on! It would also be great to know if the configure scripts
works on all operating systems.

The next item on the list is doing the GTK port (again). You can already
try it out in HGM's git tree if you want. Due to lot of restructuring
lately we now are in a position of only having Xt calls in a very small
amount of files and are just porting those. In the end we want to have
Xt and Gtk in parallel available (via configure --with-gtk or something
like that) and perhaps also get a native OS X front-end and perhaps
update the native windows one.

We were also thinking about adding some kind of theme-support, which
will probably come after the gtk port. More or less it will let you
choose which svg directory you want to use together with some other
items such as background texture for the board and colors. The
mono-option will then just be a mono-theme for example.

HGM can probably give a more detailed update, since I was only involved
in some configure questions, SVGs and other very minor details.


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