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[XBoard-devel] Working towards a 4.6.0 release

From: h.g. muller
Subject: [XBoard-devel] Working towards a 4.6.0 release
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 23:05:12 +0100

Perhaps we should make a short summary of what still has to be done
before we can release 4.6.0.

*) The mime-type association seems essentially solver by Byrial,and it is just
   a matter of doing it now.
*) The bad bug with the black clock I was wrestling with before my holiday is now solved. *) I just pushed a patch to hgm.nubati that attempts to fix the --> bug #34987; perhaps someone can test if I got the right pattern to pre-empt the shout detection. *) The problem with the width of the menu bar seems to be ameliorated by the latest patch on this enough to be acceptable. I am sure we could continue to improve it almost indefinitely, but I don't want to uphold the release for that indefinitely. *) I pushed a patch to reassign Ctrl+. to <Enter>. If everyone agrees with that, we are done with this bug (#3500) as far as I am concerned. But perhaps I should add this
   functionality to WinBoard to?
*) I think switching back from mono-mode (bug #34990) is satisfactorily fixed by my patch in hgm.nubati. I don't think it is necessary to automatically switch back what was forced by necessity when the necessity disappears; there are many other places in
   XBoard where options affect each other, and we don't do it there either.
*) I still have to take a closer look to what exactly the status of this 20-sec startup delay
   currently is.
*) We should still have a look at optimization level of some time-critical pieces of code
   used in loading huge PGN files (in particular moves.c and parser.c).

Any more loose ends?

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