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Re: [XBoard-devel] getting closer to a release: updated Changelog, AUTHO

From: Eric Mullins
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] getting closer to a release: updated Changelog, AUTHORS and copyright
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 19:23:04 -0600
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h.g. muller wrote:
The best way to get more beta testers is to release. I am quite confident that WinBoard is good. I have been using it all the time during the development since 4.3.15 for a variety of purposes, and most of the changes were not very
risky anyway. It was furthermore intensively tested by Mike Adams for
running Pulsar in many variants as a FICS bot, and by the 'JAWS team'.

This I mostly agree with, except for one point. If the purpose is to beta-test, then I would not recommend a "formal" release. We don't need an elaborate installer for a beta test, so for beta purposes, a simple zip would suffice.

XBoard I hardly use, and the changes there were more risky, so there could
be surprises there.

What I see as major black marks in the current situation:

1) We don't have an installer for WinBoard yet, and I have no idea if any
progress is being made at all in that area.

I don't know the status on that either. I'm willing to throw something together for this if required, but I know NOTHING about selective installation from an online repository. I remember discussing that possibility, but I don't know if that's still on the agenda or not.

2) The Desktop-Effects problem makes that XBoard will almost universally
not work when people try it.

This must be fixed before a formal release, otherwise 4.2.7 will be remain the best bet for any distro. Speaking of xboard, there are a number of things we can do:

* at least create ubuntu packages (such as using ppa launchpad)
* we could even write a script to act like the startup dialog, launching xboard with various options the user selects when running it * provide sample .Xdefaults and or FICS or ICS scripts, or at least a good HOWTO

I think it's worth waiting until xboard works properly before formally releasing. I have NO IDEA how to fix the focus problem we're seeing with desktop effects. However, since I run linux with desktop effects, I'm a good candidate to at least TRY. Heh.

3) The jaws.rc is not yet merged with winboard.rc. This also means the
standard version does not support all the accelerator keys yet.

This was on my agenda today, but I didn't get to it because it seemed like we were heavily pushing for a quick release and I wanted to make sure anyone could compile the source first. I'm happy to look further into this as well, but HGM indicated he wanted to as well, so we'll have to coordinate.

Now as far as I am concerned the JAWS release does not have to be an
integral part of the normal release; it is set up in such a way that it can be
patched on top of a normal release. The accelerator keys we should put in
though, I think.

Since there seems no possibility to remedy (2) we better ignore it.

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